Dog Walks ~ Servicing South Calgary

~ Initial Consultation ~ 30 Minutes: Free

~ Pack Walks ~ 60 Minutes: $20 + GST per dog

~ Private Walks ~ 30 Minutes: $25 + GST per dog

    {Reactive, Senior, Pup Visits}

Dog Sitting ~ Cat Sitting** 

* Dog walks include: pickup and drop off, leashes, water, climate control vehicle, on & off leash training, focus training, diverse locations, and pack variety.

Afternoon Play "Daycare" ~ $30 +GST per dog

Discount ~ homes with 3 or more dogs receive $10 off  per walk

* Afternoon Play includes: a pack walk and extended play throughout the day in a secure off leash yard with friends, fun, and constant supervision.

Discount ~ homes with 2 or more dogs receive $10 off  per night

~ Dog sitting - per calendar date ~ $40 + GST per dog

* Dog sitting includes: drop off/pick up option, beds, toys, equipment included depending on what your pet requires, raw or kibble feeding, admin meds if needed, daily walks, playtime in fully fenced yard, kennel optional but also couch friendly!

**Contact for more information on Cat Sitting