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About Me

About Me

Welcome, welcome, welcome! And above all, thank you for taking the time to come and learn a little bit more about me. As I’m not one to keep people (or pups) waiting, I’ll jump right on in with the nitty gritty details of who I am and why I started this company.


My name is Stephanie Sokalski and I am the founder of Compassionate K9 Care . I was born and raised on the rainy isles of Vancouver Island, and it was here that my long and fervent adoration of animals, both big and small, took root. Those who know me well will tell you stories of my animal activism throughout the years, but my connection with dogs is something that I’ve had since I was a little girl. Growing up, there was no place else that I would have rather been than with my pups. To this day, my family still teases me about how I used to crawl around on the floor and switch between playing ‘puppy’ and ‘veterinarian’ with our family pets… but what can I say? I was passionate even then. And although we all laugh about it now, honestly, there is still no place else that I would rather be than out in the world with my canine companions.


As I grew, I eagerly took steps to further my knowledge in canine communication, behaviour, and training. These steps eventually led me and my canine companion (Santi) to move to Calgary in 2010 where I quickly immersed myself in all things ‘dog’. I managed pet stores where I learned about pet health and nutrition. I worked in boarding kennels where I became educated about pack behaviour, socialization, and managing the energy levels in large groups of dogs. I worked as a dog walker and trainer, operating in both enclosed and off-leash environments. I’ve also worked as a tech assistant at twenty four hour emergency vet clinic where I expanded both my first aid and medical experience in a very hands-on and practical way.

Unable and unwilling to ever stop learning, I’m currently working through a two year dog training and behaviour consultant certification program, apprenticing under a CASI (Companion Animal Sciences Institute) and BAT (Behaviour Adjustment Training) certified trainer in Calgary.

As an avid canine lover and breed advocate who has two wonderful and well-socialized Pitbull recues of her own, I’ve always looked for opportunities to grow my knowledge and experiences in order to create a safe space for animals; a space that embodies the principles of harmony and trust. That is my dream and, as you might have already guessed, it’s very much the reason why I decided to start this company.


There is nothing more important to me than providing a secure and caring environment for the four-legged friends that have shaped me into the passionate, and compassionate, person that I am today. It’s in this kind of environment where I truly believe that dogs cultivate the ability to trust, grow, and succeed… not only with me, but with the proud canine owners that love them most.


That is what I hope to prove to you and your canine companions if given the opportunity. Thank you again for taking the time to read about me and my ongoing journey, and for considering me in the process of navigating through your own.


Cheers to both you and your fuzzy friends!

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